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  1. Get Started 

    1. Step 1 - Get started & create an email (video)
    2. Step 2 - Create an email from a template & save a template
    3. Step 3 - Create Mailing List video)
    4. Step 4 - View Reports (1 minute video)
    5. Pricing: how much does Flashissue cost?
  2. Templates 

    1. Remove Delete Flashissue extension from Chrome
  3. Editor & Formatting 

    1. Change background color of the email and content block
    2. Remove formatting from pasted content
    3. Adding or embedding videos (YouTube etc.)
    4. And a link URL to text
    5. Attaching Files to an email (file attachments)
  4. Mailing Lists 

    1. Create a mailing list.
    2. Web sign up form to collect email addresses
    3. Import Upload a Mailing List or Emails
    4. Google Groups: Create Mailing List using Google Contact Groups
    5. Managing the Unsubscribe list
  5. Prices & Billing 

    1. Sign Up for a subscription plans (subscribe, upgrade, downgrade or cancel)
    2. Changing credit card billing information & viewing invoice receipts
    3. Do all plans come with the same features?
    4. Are mailing list sizes based on my Google Contacts?
    5. Pay As You Go: Viewing your email credit balance
  6. Team Plans 

    1. Team Plans (intro)
    2. Team Plans (admins) - Admin Dashboard & Features
    3. Team Plans (admins) - Settings & admin dashboard
    4. Team Plans (admins) - Invite team members & manage invitees
    5. Team Plans (admins) - Team privileges & permissions
  7. Settings 

    1. Settings: Remove Flashissue branding and logo
    2. Change the Continue Reading link
    3. Remove social media icons from top of email
    4. Send-As Email Alias & Custom Email Addresses
    5. Change The Senders *From* Name
  8. Images & photos 

    1. Add, Insert or upload image (embed)
    2. Create or add a banner (600 px wide)
    3. Does displaying images in an email have a security risk?
    4. Inserting Photobucket images and photos
    5. Best way to host an image (
  9. Footer 

    1. Create a Footer with social icons & address
  10. Login & Sign Up 

    1. Login to Flashissue for Gmail
    2. Login to Flashissue Classic (Mailchimp integration)
    3. Disable, remove or uninstall Flashissue
    4. Logged into the wrong interface
    5. Does Flashissue read my emails and why do i need to give Gmail permissions?
  11. Google Contacts 

    1. Google Contacts - create, import & manage.
    2. Solve problems importing & uploading to Google Contacts
  12. Reports & Analytics 

    1. What is the meaning of the column on the right side of report detail?
  13. Google Sites & Google Groups 

    1. How to use Google Sites with Flashissue
    2. How to use Google Groups for internal mailing lists
  14. Gmail 

    1. How are my Flashissue emails delivered
    2. Language support in Gmail and no Blue button
    3. Doesn't Gmail have sending limits for emails
  15. Chrome Clipper Extension 

    1. Install Chrome Clipper Extension
    2. Uninstall and remove Chrome extension (delete / install Flashissue)
    3. Flashissue not displaying - enable & reactivate Chrome extension
    4. Flashissue falls off the screen
    5. How to clip and save a webpage (clipper)
  16. Adding Content 

    1. How do I add content?
    2. Duplicate a newsletter to another Flashissue user account (share / move)
    3. Pulling in blog content from
    4. Pinterest content no longer supported
  17. Deliveribility 

    1. Sendgrid integration (Flashissue BYO Pricing Plans)
    2. Gmail Sending Limits
    3. My Google Gmail Account is Locked
    4. Do recipients see everyone else's email addresses
    5. What is considered SPAM?
  18. General 

    1. Clearing your browser's cache to fix problems
    2. How to take a screen shot
    3. How to open developer console and logs
    4. Are your newsletters mobile ready?
    5. Store or save an email as a .pdf or save URL
  19. Save 

    1. Where can I see all of my saved campaigns?
  20. Security 

    1. Are my email contacts secure?
  21. Sending 

    1. Can I schedule my newsletter to be sent at a certain time?
    2. How do I set who the email will be sending from?
    3. If I send a test email does it show up exactly as it would to one of my subscribers?
    4. Is there a limit of newsletters I can send out?
  22. Style & Layout 

    1. Adding Your Own Content to Your Newsletter
    2. Edit Article Text and Image
    3. Font sizes & type face used in newsletter template
    4. Can I turn off the discussion section at the bottom of newsletters
    5. Viewing newsletter images in Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail & Outlook
  23. Flashissue Classic 

    1. Download HTML & send with another email service (Get HTML)
    2. How do I change my MailChimp account?
    3. How do I use mailchimp to send my newsletter
    4. How do I integrate my account with MailChimp?
    5. Where can I view my Mailchimp campaign reports?
  24. All articles 

    1. What are articles/canned responses and how do I use them?
    2. How do I add content?
    3. Can I edit and resend a campaign that I have already sent?
    4. Where can I see all of my saved campaigns?
    5. Can I schedule my newsletter to be sent at a certain time?
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